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Rental Schedule
4 night MINIMUM. Will consider less than 4 nights subject to a 100 euro cleaning fee. Contact owner for details.
4 star quality, 3 star price

Vila Plavac
the top apartment, 55sq meters, 2 bedrooms, kitchen plus large balcony

Euros per week/per night

January/February 400/75
March/April 550/100
May/June 650/110
July/August 800/125
September/October 700/115
November/December 400/75

Vila Bogdanuša
the middle and largest apartment, 80 sq meters, 2 bedrooms, large living room and kitchen plus a large balcony

Euros per week/per night
January/February 500/85
March/April 700/115
May/June 800/125
July/August 1000/150
September/October 850/130
November/December 500/85

Vila Parć
the first level and smallest apartment at 32 sq meters, has 1 bedroom and a kitchen and a large terrace

Euros per week/per night
January/February 350/65
March/April 400/75
May/June 475/90
July/August 550/100
September/October 500/85
November/December 350/65

***All vilas have access to the laundry facilities and have satellite TV with DVD players - towels and bed linens are also provided.***