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Holidays & Festivals

Date Croatia Hvar
January 1 New Years Day

Regatta (From December 28)

January 22 Vincekovo (Vine Celebration Day)  
February/March Carnival Rejika & Dubrovnik - weekend before Ash Wednesday  
March/April Easter Sunday/Monday  
Last Weekend of May to First Weekend of October  

Hvar Summer Music Festival
Concerts/Cultural Events Several Nights Per Week

May 30 National Day  
June 7 Corpus Christi  
June 22 Anti-Fascist Day  
June 25 Republic of Croatia Declared 1990
(1/15/92 Croatia Republic Recognized)
August 5 National Thanksgiving  
August 15 Assumption  
August ??   Stari Grad Faros Open Water Swim Marathon
August ??   Stari Grad Farios Literature Festivals - Readings and Performances of Croatia's Classic Authors and Native Hvar Writers Hanibal Luckac and Peter Hetrovich
Last Week of August   Jelsa wine Festival
September   Mid-September Hvar Wine Festival
September 26   Village Velo Grablje Sts Kuzma and Damjan Festival
First Sunday in October   Village Velo Grablje Our Lady of Rosemary Festival
October 2   Hvar Town Festival of Saint Stephan
October 8 Independence Day  
November 1 All Saints Day  
November 11 Martinje - Unfermented Grape Juice Turns to Wine
Custom Krizevacki Statuti (parties mostly for tourists)
December 25-26 Christmas