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Signs pointing to local restaurants

Another well kept secret!  Croatian cuisine is on the cutting edge of the hottest trend of "locovores" and organic locovores at that.  Everything is FRESH!  In the interior the cuisine is more meaty and in line with classic continental Europe.  Soup is an integral part of every local Croatians daily diet.  And a lot of sauces!  Lamb is the celebratory dish and served on large family size platters surrounded by potatoes and vegetables.  On the coast the cuisine more closely reflects the sea and their Italian neighbors across the Adriatic Sea.  The outdoor wood cooking ovens, "komens", and a cooking vessel called a "peka", are central to the traditional cooking style.  A "peka" has a large shallow bottom and a domed top and is similar in concept to a "Dutch Oven".  "Peka"  dishes usually include the meat or fish and vegetables all cooked together under the wood fire.  In many restaurants you must order your "peka" cooked meal 24-hours in advance.  Pizza, pasta and fresh seafood predominate in the Dalmatian coast cuisine.  And presentation is part of the ambiance--it not only tastes, but looks terrific! Put together with the open air seating by the sea, it is truly a major part of your Croatian holiday!

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Cozy table at the Marmont restaurant. Various meat entrees on a platter. Fresh fish ready to be prepared and served. Family style platter with a wide array of shellfish and vegetables. Colorful family style platter at a local restaurant. Cozy, outdoor dining room at a local restaurant.